②Animals – Fish Quiz 1. Stylish Fish

This is a quiz to guess the name of the fish.

Who am I? ②Animals – Fish 1
This is a quiz to guess the name of fish.

Brown guitarfish or Rhinobatos schlegelii
‘I’m a posh guy with a bow tie.’
‘Seriously, it’s so frustrating!’
‘Why is my face like this?’

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Answer:Brown guitarfish or Rhinobatos schlegelii

Brown guitarfish or Rhinobatos schlegelii

Brown guitarfish,also known as Sakata-zame or Sakata-sharks (scientific name: Rhinobatos schlegelii) is a ray of the family Rhinobatidae and genus Rhinobatos, which acts in groups. Although it is named “shark” in Japanese, it is not a shark, but a ray because its gill covers are on the underside of its body. Its appearance is also rather similar to that of a ray. However, rays are usually flattened vertically, with a diamond-shaped body and a long tail, whereas this shark has an arrowhead-shaped head and a long, slender body. It has distinct dorsal and caudal fins, and the caudal fin is uniform. It has a water intake hole behind each eye. This species is found on rather deep sandy bottoms in southern Japan. Back color grayish brown to brown, gaster white. Food is zoophagous, feeding on fish and crustaceans. Reproduction is viviparous, with births occurring in June. The number of pups produced by a female at one time is about six. They are edible fish and their meat and fins are eaten.