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Guess who I am! Fish Edition 1.Stylish fish

The release was incomplete and is being re-submitted.

waidare ③fish 1.Stylish fish, English version 

Waht is ‘Guess who am I?’

Our company. STIC (Kagiken, Science & Technology Inst., Co. Tokyo, Japan) is a scientific and technical software development company. Recently, we have been focusing on content, introducing fun and educational materials on the web. One of these is a variety of web-based illustrated books, such as ‘Flower Database‘, and a quiz-style ‘Guess who am I? series’.

Guess who am I? series. has so far released (1) Mammals, (2) Fish, and (3) Birds, but only in Japanese.

As a new attempt, we have translated the first episode of the fish version into various languages.
Although we have some misgivings about the differences in knowledge, interest, customs, and native language of the subject in each language, we hope that everyone will congratulate us on our first step.

As for foreign languages, we will start with English, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish versions. This is the English version.
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Waidare③fish1 1.Stylish fish
Guess who I am! Fis edition(English version) of Kagiken(Science & Technology Inst., Co.)

The Fish Series of waidareis a quiz to guess the name of a fish. This is the first question. Can you recognize the image of the fish? Answers are at the bottom.