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Featured Cherry Blossom

Featured Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms ‘Somei-Yoshino’ were buds yesterday. It will start blooming this weekend.

Somei-Yoshino cherry trees are not in bloom yet, but early blooming cherry trees are already in bloom.
Cherry blossoms before Somei-Yoshino bloom are called “early bloomers” and those after Somei-Yoshino are called “late bloomers.
Various types of cherry blossoms, including early and late bloomers, are shown here. More will be added in the future, so please stay tuned.

Types of Cherry Blossoms

Cherry tree (scientific name: Cerasus L.) is the flower to represent spring in Japan. It is a deciduous broad-leaved tree of the Rosaceae family Cerasus genus. It makes 5 dialect or 8 dialect of pinkishness or white flowers bloom on the corymb.There are Atami zakura(Prunus kanzakura),Shidare zakura(Cerasus spachiana f. spachiana),Kanzan(Prunus lannesiana cv. Sekiyama),Kanzakura(Prunus kanzakura),Oshima zakura(Cerasus speciosa),an hizakura(Cerasus campanulata),Okame zakura(Prunus incamp ‘Okame’),Somei yoshino(Cerasus ×yedoensis cv. yedoensis),Mame zakura(Cerasus incisa var. incisa) in the kind of cherry (Sakura, Cerasus) .

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